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    You've Got Mail

    There are only three things that come in the mail these days: utility bills, the stuff you bought off eBay at 1am when you couldn’t sleep the other night, and junk mail. Everything else is sent via email. On average, 124.5 billion emails are sent and received each day by business around the world. That’s 121 emails per office worker each and every day. However, that’s not including the additional 144.5 billion personal emails that get sent each day as well.

    In short, all of your friends, family, and colleagues are potentially getting hundreds of emails each day.

    So, what’s wrong with that? Everyone gets emails.

    Well ask yourself this, where are your work emails been sent? Are they being securely delivered to a private business email address that clearly identifies you as an employee of that company? Or are they being sent to your personal email account with the slightly inappropriate name that you created back in high school?

    If for whatever reason, (inappropriately named or not) you are using a personal email address for your business, you could be losing a substantial amount of business.

    How, you ask?

    1. Unprofessional Appearance

    Let’s say you are a small company wanting to make that leap into the big time. Through a reliable source, you find out that a large firm is looking to source another company for contract work. To help get your foot in the door, you get the companies directors email address off the website and email them requesting a meeting to introduce yourself. Now ask yourself what the odds are of getting a reply when the person you’re trying to impress gets an email from eddietheeagle@outlook.com asking to meet up.

    Now ask yourself the same question but this time the email is sent from a personalized business account that included a corporate e-signature?

    Professional business practice isn’t just about how you conduct your company but also how you allow it to appear publicly. This includes your online appearance as well.

    2. Emails getting lost
    3. Increased SPAM
    4. Untrusting

    How do I get my own business email address?

    The Ad Group offers a range of different email solutions to suit your needs and requirements. For those who are looking for a new website, email accounts are included as part of our website hosting and domain packages. If you require more email accounts after the creation of your website, please contact The Ad Group about your needs.

    For those who don’t have a website, The Ad Group can also offer email hosting and domain packages. These packages work similarly as our web hosting packages and have the option of being upgraded to include a website at a later date.

    Please contact The Ad Group for more details about our email packages and how we can find a solution that meets your needs. Our packages are designed to help you grow your business and to work with you as you expand.


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