Messages on Hold

    Messages on Hold

    Advertise When Your On The Phone With Messages on Hold

    Make every second of every phone call count

    When it comes to phone calls, nobody likes being put on hold and can often be the reason customers hang up. In fact, studies from all around the world have proven that placing customers on hold is one of the most critical "make or break" points for any business. 

    Why use message on hold?

    Every business from corporate giants to independent retailers all have one thing in common that will make or break them, customer service. Regardless of how you communicate and interact with your customers, it is vital that you ensure they always have a positive experience. Even though society is becoming more and more digitality orientated as we transition further towards online shopping, most people still prefer talking to a real person when it comes to customer service. As a result, phone calls are now one of the most used and preferred methods for customer service. But how do you make a phone call a good experience?

    It’s easy to train your staff to speak clearly and be respectful to customers when talking over the phone, but what about when they’re on hold? There is nothing worse than giving your customers the silent treatment.

    Think about it, you’re customers have made the effort to find your phone number and call you. Yet, when you put them on hold, what do they hear or think? Do they hear nothing and think you’ve hung up on them? Maybe they hear some form of elevator music that slowly irritates them, leaving your customers to become more frustrated or possibly hang up before there issues are resolved? Or do they hear a pre-recorded message saying that someone will be with them shortly and that they haven’t been forgotten?

    hang up within forty seconds

    Callers with silence on hold will abandon their calls in less than one minute. Callers with music on hold will stay on the line thirty seconds longer than with silence. – Callers with information on hold will stay on the line for up to three minutes longer.

    Callers are placed on hold

    On average, we spend 60 hours a year on hold even though the average time spent on hold per phone call is 55 seconds.

    Callers prefer messages on hold

    Most people don't like sitting in total silence and prefer to know that you haven't hung up on them.


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