Video isn't just limited to TV, thanks to the interent, video is one of the most viral advertising methods around.

    Advertising on TV has been around as long as TV itself. TV and Cinema advertising allows you to share your brand with a large local audience. Audio and Visual messages can be used together to show the benefits and features of your brand and services/products to full effect. Advertising on TV also allows your brand to be seen alongside the big national brands, creating a sense of authority and professionalism for your brand.



    Did you know two thirds of radio listeners are open to advertising messages, the highest across any media?

    Radio advertising is one of the most effective mediums, with studies showing people are 6 times more likely to search for a brand online after hearing that brands advertising on radio. Targeting is also a major benefit of advertising on the radio with most areas having a variety of possible stations to advertise on, you are able to choose stations and times that best suit your target audience.


    Messages on Hold

    The Sound of Silence might have been a hit for Simon and Garfunkel but it's the last thing your customers want to hear when on hold.

    All businesses place callers on hold, with too few really taking the time to think about what customers listen to and how it'll affect their business. Every time you press the hold button, you're opening up a world of opportunities for both your business and your customers, whilst staying on brand and in control.


    Social Media

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    Believe it or not but Social Media has been around since 1997, seven before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. As a result, we are in the golden age of social media with 3.48 Billion people using one or more social media accounts. Now is the perfect time to promote yourself online to billions of social media users. Ask The Ad Group how we can promote your business across different social platforms. But in the meantime, why not follow us online for all of the latest updates? 


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