Did you know two thirds of radio listeners are open to advertising messages, the highest across any media?

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TV, Radio and Press advertising offers different benefits and uses for each medium.

Advertising on TV has been around as long as TV itself. TV advertising allows you to share your brand with a large local audience. Audio and Visual messages can be used together to show the benefits and features of your brand and services/products to full effect. Advertising on TV also allows your brand to be seen alongside the big national brands, creating a sense of authority and professionalism for your brand.

Radio advertising is one of the most effective mediums, with studies showing people are 6 times more likely to search for a brand online after hearing that brands advertising on radio. Targeting is also a major benefit of advertising on the radio with most areas having a variety of possible stations to advertise on, you are able to choose stations and times that best suit your target audience.

Press advertising is the go-to for many businesses. Advertising in local papers can build familiarity with your local audience and ensure your local community is aware of your presence and the services you offer. Press advertising also offers the flexibility to change your ad text, imagery and call to action, to find the best mix to attract your preferred audience.

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There are many benefits to advertising using the traditional media channels. Here are just a few.

TV | Press | Radio Advertising is convenient


Target your audience when they are ready to listen - in the car, at home on the couch, during their morning coffee...

Advertising Enhances Familiarity


Build familiarity with your brand by promoting yourself over the various channels and medias.

Cost Effective Advertising

Cost Effectiveness

By defining your target audience you are able to promote your brand at times and in the places they will notice.

Media Advertising is Accessible


Various radio and TV stations, as well as newspapers and other publications, mean there are many opportunities to advertise.

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